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SEHWA HIGHTECH New Renewable Energy Business

“New Renewable Energy”

  • Solar Micro Inverter
  • Fuel Cell Test Station
  • Cell Winding Jig Stand
  • Dew Point Measuring Device
  • Fuel Cell Deep Coating Device
  • New Renewable Energy Business
    O2 Bubbler (humidifier)
    Usage: Evaporated humidity control within an evaporated LCD panel chamber Characteristics: It humidifies oxygen (O2) transported into an evaporation chamber to adjust evaporation humidity within the chamber
    It is possible to humidify O2 flow by up to 50 LPM within +/-2°C of dew-point temperature.
    It is possible to adjust the amount of humidity according to the amount of required humidification.
    Fully Automation Control Software with labVIEW
    New Renewable Energy Business
    Tech. Specification
      New Renewable Energy Business

    New Renewable Energy Business Dew-point temperature & water temperature (By flow)
    New Renewable Energy Business
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