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SEHWA HIGHTECH Magnesium Protection Gas Mixer

“Magnesium protection gas requires a multi-channel mixer used in supplying other protection gases that vary in terms of optimal concentration and flow depending on production process (dissolution, casting & refrigeration).
A shielding gas mixer applied to a die casting process where magnesium melt is injected into a mold in a closed crucible fills only the empty space of the crucible with the protection gas, but a shielding gas mixer for board production needs to keep supplying ambient gas to prevent contact with oxygen even in a closed crucible and a casting process (open process).

Magnesium production process
Magnesium Protection Gas Mixer

Important application technologies
  • MFC, Static Mixer Application (Patent Registration)
  • Control of Mixing Ratio (Patent Registration)
  • MFC Flow Error Correction
  • Control of Input Range of Mixing Ratio and Alert (Patent Application)
  • Non-electric emergency operation at a time of blackout (Patent Application)
  • Automatic changeover
  • Multi-channel mixture gas output<
  • Application of dissimilar gases through the use of conversion coefficient
  • Magnesium Protection Gas Mixer

    Properties of magnesium

    Magnesium, 12Mg
    Chemical Symbol, Origin
    Originated from Magnesia, a provincial city in Thessaly in the east of Greece where magnesium ore was mined
    It is the world’s 8th commonest element (9th in the universe) that accounts for 2 percent of the weight of the Earth’s crust and exists within 60 kinds of minerals. One liter of seawater contains 1.29g of Mg2+ (12% of Na+).
    Standard atomic weight 24.305
    Detector Humphry Davy (1808)
    Status (Room temperature, 1 Atmosphere) Silver white solid matter
    Density (20°C, 1 Atmosphere) 1.738g/cm3
    Melting point (1 Atmosphere) 650°C
    Boiling point (1 Atmosphere) 1.090°C
    Main isotopes 24Mg (78.99%), 25Mg (10.00%), 26Mg (11.01%)
    Electronic configuration 1s22s22p63s2 ([Ne]3s2)
    Oxidation state +2
    Main uses
    It is an essential element in many enzymes and chlorophyll and used in manufacturing light-weight alloys applied to automobiles, aircraft, and electronics as well as sacrificial anodes, fireworks and firebombs. Compounds are used as refractories, food additives, laxatives and antacids for various purposes.
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