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SEHWA HIGHTECH Food MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packing)

“Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP),
an advanced food packing methodology”

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packing)
MAP is the most natural way of protecting perishable foods. It can prevent chemical additives from being used for the purpose of protection of perishable products. MAP is applied to no less than 80% of all food products made in advanced countries, including European nations. The basic principle of MAP is concentrated on eliminating oxygen within a packing container to keep microorganisms from breathing and lengthening their life. The company introduced products manufactured by WITT, the best MAP system company in Germany, to the domestic market while pushing for localization of related products.

Food MAP

  • 1. A gas mixer for foods (N2/CO2/O2)
  • 2. A gas analyzer (CO2/O2/He)
  • 3. Leak detection system
  • 4. Monitoring system for O2/CO2 in working areas
  • 5. Provision of MAP system solution services
  • 6. Manufacture of gas supply facilities
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