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Corporate Philosophy of SEHWA HIGHTECH

Corporate philosophy of SEHWA HIGHTECH is
focused on establishing and operating quality environment management systems with sincerity according to requirements for ISO 9001(2000), KSA9001(2004), ISO14004(2004) and KSA14001(2004) with aims to satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.


Quality Policy
Provision of excellent products to customers
Provision of services that can satisfy customers
Establishment and continuous improvement of quality environment systems

Quality Objectives
Provision of excellent products (aimed at zero error rate)
Introduction of quality environment management system

Environment Policy
The company will comply with related environmental laws and regulations and satisfy stakeholders’ requirements.
The company will do its utmost to prevent environmental contamination by continuously improving the environmental impact caused by a manufacturing process and product quality.
The company will make efforts to save energy and minimize contamination, wastes and noises caused in relation to organizational activities, products and services.
The company will develop confidence by disclosing environmental transparency and fairness to stakeholders. A Quality Supervisor designated by CEO is responsible for establishing quality environment systems and conducting inspections on proper operation and making efforts to put environmental policy into practice through proactive participation by all employees based on effective environmental management systems where environmental objectives are set up and checked for the purpose of realization of environmental policy on the strength of proactive support from the CEO.
In an effort to implement quality environmental policy with sincerity, all employees will proactively conduct quality environmental activities as specified in regulations based on an in-depth understanding of this policy.
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