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Tenology Date

Leak Detector (MAP)
Writer : administrator(   Date : 14.10.15   Hits : 5152
04_witt_leakmaster_praes_uk_a7.pps M0908060233483_1.jpg

This leak detector detects leakage from packing material or adherend after gas exchange packaging. The test works only if the product contains more than 5% of CO2. The reason why CO2 is based is because only 350ppm of it exists in the atmosphere which enables users to detect ppm units and CO2 is filled with very important gasses on the gas exchange packaging process. In case of N2, however, approximately 78% of the atmosphere consists of it and ppm unit detection is not possible because there is no such sensor that can detect N2. Another reason that deters it from detecting is automatic leak detector operates too fast when it is combined with packaging machinery. Our product operates up to 15 cycles per minute and this is related to the chamber size. If the capacity is 100 products per one chamber, it means up to 1500 products per minute. Box unit detection is also possible. If you would like to check whether one of your products is leaked, then just send some of samples. We will test it for free. MA packaging is generalized in Europe and the US, and these countries claim that the leak detection is really important because the buyer takes whole items back even if only one defective product is found and this results in huge economical loss. 

For the more information, please contact to head of department-JongIk Kim. Thank you.

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