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High-Quality Special Gas Model

SHGM3000 series is a high-performance & high-quality gas mixer to which a mass flow controller is applied. It is not influenced by pressure and temperature of mixture gases and can produce constant and stable mixture gases all the time. In particular, the product is aimed to produce magnesium protection gas (cover gas-SF6/N2, SO2/N2) that is supplied to POSCO in Korea and exported to overseas markets (Israel, the Czech Republic and others)

High-Quality Special Gas Model
Easy Operation
  • Simplified set-up of concentration of SF6 on a touch screen
  • Set-up of total flow of protection gas
  • High Process Reliability
  • Confirmation on concentration of SF6, flow and operation time
  • Confirmation on error log (non-operation of MFC, occurrence of pressure and concentration alarm and others)
  • Constant Mixture Quality
  • Generation of certain mixture gases all the time regardless of temperature and pressure (MFC)
  • Safety Design
  • Supply of protection gases through area flow meters even though power supply is cut off

  • Magnesium (Mg) Protection Gas (Cover Gas)
    As magnesium (Mg) is the lightest metal and has high intensity and rigidity, the scope of application is gradually increased in addition to the auto parts sector and the PC material sector. Compared to other types of metal, it is melted at a lower temperature (around 600°C), and if it comes into contact with air, it might be exploded or ignited, so protection gas (cover gas) is used. Until now, SF6 and Air have been frequently used, and SF6 is strictly controlled as an environmental contaminant, so it tends to be replaced with SO2/N2, Novec 612/N2, HFC 134a/N2

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